hettler.tüllmann is the collaboration of Berlin-based designer Katja Hettler and Miami-based architect Jula Tüllmann.

The German duo’s practice is focused on contemporary furniture and interior design, centred around the use of sustainable materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Their style cherishes and celebrates the simplicity of the handmade.

International and multi-cultural collaboration are key to the creation of their unique pieces. Over the years, they have worked with craftspeople and artisans from around the globe, from Ethiopia and Malawi to Afghanistan and Japan. Their deeply respectful approach engages traditional and local manufacturing techniques, which consequently support local economies.

The team also works with private clients and companies to design their indoor and outdoor spaces. Their focus lies on adapting floor plans to optimise space and natural light, and carefully selecting materials and colour palates that enhance the environment. Their furnishings range from custom-made objects to unique upcycled pieces, which create a warm atmosphere to suit the individual client’s character.

hettler.tüllmann is a member of the Shaker Museum‘s Makers’ Circle.

Their work is represented by Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami.