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Responsive Design Talk

Join us this Saturday March 10th from 5 to 7 pm at the Architekturgalerie München, Blumenstr 22, 80331 Munich, Germany

RESPONSIVE DESIGN explores new applications, materials and forms of design with local and international, artists, designers, architects and students. The designers investigate the traditional culture of weaving, to bring it to new implementations, to transfer innovative technology and establish an international exchange in the long term.
The project team wants to foster young creative minds, the transfer of innovative technologies and sustainable international exchange. RESPONSIVE DESIGN responds to the functions of materials and creates demand-based and innovative applications.
Architekturgalerie München in cooperation with Textil- und Industriemuseum, tim, Augsburg and ifa.

Dr. Karl Borromäus Murr, Textil und Industriemuseum Augsburg
Brook Teklehaimanot, Chair of Architecture and Design, ProtoLab,
Katja Hettler, hettler.tüllmann Design Architektur
Gerd Pfarré, Pfarré Lighting Design
Shobha Zaudie-Huber, Psychologin
Michael Geldmacher, Geldmacher Design
Hermann Hiller, Architekt, Künstler
Nicola Borgmann, Architekturgalerie München
Juliane Kahl, Creative Consultant