Jula and Katja were first introduced in New York, met again in Paris and joined forces in Berlin as hettler.tüllmann. A fruitful exchange of ideas, interests and beliefs, heading towards a goal with identical motivation and purpose.


Hard to imagine hettler.tüllmann without Chris, the shipping manager. In charge, responsible, cool, swift, always on top of it. Thanks to him we receive the dearest emails from happy customers. Time for a humble bow.


Wonderful Diana, helping rummage through our bills and receipts, always keeping the books shine on time.


Ulrike, sales manager, loyal throughout the years , armed with humour, a pro in all aspects, last but not least in lightening up our days with the latest and greatest gossip.


All these years we have had incredible help from a never ending stream of motivated interns. here a chronological introduction of a few…


Berkan from Turkey, fun, curious and motivated, incredibly humble and polite, nice to have around, providing the best turkish coffee at all times.21-team-about

Guillaume from Paris, committed, a great buddy with quite a Berlin social network, very efficient even after a late night out.


Miriam from Rosenheim, kind, focused, precise, level-headed, committed and the best help ever.


Charming Carmen from Toronto, can easily get lost and have rough times with Berlin cyclists, but an absolutely great addition to our team. Creative, persevere, curious, critical. Hanging in there for weeks folding and meditatively tracing for our Paper Planet collection, wouldn’t have made it without her.


Iria from Coruña, Spain, juggling with any required software with ease, a delightful companion, hired by Volkswagen on the spot after the internship.


Ara from Mexico City, both serious and funny, a master in precise and complex drawings, survived the Berlin winter with bravery.


Maria from Coruña, Spain, endlessly positive, working on prototypes with admirable calm and serenity.


Margherita, our cherished intern from Rome, sweet, enthusiastic, stylish, funny and a great friend. She now has launched her own label in Paris beunperfect.


Tinta from Berlin, the very first one to join the team, overflowing with ideas and creativity, incredibly inspiring and fun. Check out her own work at christina raue.